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What Others Are Saying About Spencer Bell

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Evangelist Johnny W. Tucker

Southern Baptist Evangelist

Founder, International Missions Association

"My heart is filled with joy in knowing Bro. Spencer Bell. And what an honor for me to recommend him to you.

God gave me the privilege of being the son of Alvin E. Tucker, a man called of God to preach The Word. All my life I knew my dad as a preacher of Truth. This year I will be celebrating my 60th year of preaching The Word. As a 75-year-old preacher I have been grieved at the lack of young men surrendering to preach. And, wow, what a blessing to see the hand of God upon Bro. Spencer. He preaches with boldness in a humble way. He proclaims Biblical Truth in a challenging way which reveals intense study of The Word. He has a passion to see people repentant, broken, and healed by God's saving touch. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Bro. Spencer to you. He will bless you, your people, and The Kingdom. Please consider using this young man of God. I am humbled to say that he is one of God's choicest servants who loves Jesus with all his heart."

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Pastor Denilio J. Gorena

Senior Pastor, Sagamore Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Texas

Trustee, North American Mission Board

Chairman, Chaplaincy Commission, NAMB

"If there is ever a day that we need revival in the church and we need evangelists to lead people to Jesus Christ for salvation, that day is today! We as Pastors have prime opportunities to bring revival to our people and evangelism back into our churches with the likes of evangelist Spencer B. Bell! While he may be a young preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, he is a faithful preacher and evangelist of the Word of God. Bro. Spencer is a rarity in these days - a modern day John the Baptist declaring that Jesus Christ has died for our sins according to the Scriptures, was buried, and was raised again according to the Scriptures. Now is the time, dear Pastor, to have evangelist Spencer B. Bell in your church to see a mighty love of God in revival and renewed emphasis on evangelism!"

Testimonies: Text
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