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Lately, I would say the majority of us have endured a very unusual and unprecedented season this year. 2020 has been a year that I am sure most will not forget. But what surprises me most about 2020 is the simple fact that chaos has overtaken our thought habits...I guess I shouldn't say that I am surprised given the current state of our surroundings. When chaos takes priority, it quickly leads to an opening in which Satan uses to infiltrate our mind; therefore plaguing it with doubt. According to Dr. Charles Stanley, one of the ways in which doubt overtakes our life is when faith conflicts with human reason. I think sometimes we fail to remember that the Lord is far above the greatest depths of the Earth. The Psalmist David reminds us in Psalm 40 of a time in which he was in a deep depth of the Earth; one which he describes as a pit of destruction. I believe that the reason David was inspired by God to write many of the Psalms was solely for us to have a relatable character in which we could relate our current circumstances with. I always turn to the Psalms quickly when I find myself in a difficult circumstance, and seem to find a sense of assurance when I immediately flock to the Word of God. Admittedly, I do not turn to the Word of God as often as I should, and I am sure that most Christians will find that to be a relatable statement. But, it still doesn't erect a full roadblock in which I would deny the power or wisdom of God. When faith conflicts with human reason, we often find ourselves running around without any earthly idea of what to do. We overthink our problems. We try to use the Bible out of context as a source of confirmation to an issue that, in other passages, the Bible strongly disagrees with. A compass has always fascinated me. No matter which way I point it, how I attempt to trick it, or throw it, it always points true north. You see, the Bible, for its believers, should be used a compass for life. No matter what circumstance, trial, or blessing you are currently experiencing, the Word of God always points to truth. The farther we get from it, the more it stings us when we read it. Friend, if you believe that the Word of God is the true, inerrant, and infallible Word of God, then why are you not using it as a compass to direct your life in all circumstances. When we are being blessed, achieving something good, or everything seems to be going our way, we often fail to thank God for the many blessings in which we have received. When the circumstances are difficult, maybe it was a terrible day, and we feel inept to perform specific duties, we often turn to the Word of God as a source of help. Why is that? Why are we so focused on using the Word of God, as well as the power of prayer, when we are in the low points of life. Why do we disregard it in the high moments? Friend, I want to ask you today: as a believer, are you using the Word of God as a compass to guide your life? Proverbs 3:5-6 states: "Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all of your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths." Now in those famous yet powerful verses of scripture, nowhere does it state that the path being referred to would be easy. Nowhere in those two verse does it state that if we trust in the Lord, He will somehow bring peace and prosperity to us all of the time. What that verse implies, at least to me, is that in all circumstances and in all things we must seek God's guidance rather than our own. We must follow the Will of God rather than our own desires, which most of the time stem from a sinful nature...reflecting on the fall of man in the third chapter of Genesis. Use the Word of God as a compass. Let the written word become the living word, and allow it to impress itself in your heart. In a world full of uncertainty in doubt, we can turn to the Word of God as a source of strength, assurance, and guidance when encountering not only the difficulties of life, but also the blessings.

It is a blessing to know each of you in a very special way, and I appreciate your continued prayers and support. You will never know how much the simple words of encouragement you share with me actually mean.

-Spencer Bell

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