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Psalm 40:1

There are things that we read, study in scripture, and reflect on that just seem to resonate more than others regarding our own personal circumstances. The 40th Psalm is definitely one that we should focus on in times of trouble. David asks the Lord for help, but He didn’t answer him immediately. David waited patiently for the Lord to help him in his time of affliction. The Lord heard him, and not only did the Lord answer his prayer to lift him out of the pit of destruction, but also did more than he asked, giving him a firm place to stand by setting his feet on a solid rock. As we cry out to God to heal our land, our hurts, or our various afflictions, it is vital that we understand that waiting is the evidence of faith. Without waiting, our faith wouldn’t be strengthened. Prayer would be used as an “easy pass”, or similar to that of a “get out of jail free” card. Instead, the Lord finds teachable moments in our struggles to show us how to become a better version of ourselves. When our prayers aren’t answered immediately, we are easily discouraged. We claim we “didn’t get an answer”. Junior Hill states in his book “Just When I Need Him Most” a very powerful statement about God’s timing: “He always arrives at precisely the right instant! He may not be there when we think He should, but He will always be there when He should.” Truthfully, the Lord never answers our prayers on time. On time is our perception of time rather that His. The Lord, rather, answers our prayers in due time. God knows what’s best for each of us in times of trouble, and He knows everything about us (Psalm 139). If almighty God knows everything about us, then why do we try to take control of our own lives? Let Christ be the center instead of the things of this world. Too many times we focus in on our occupations, our desires, or the daily stresses of life, but through it all, God sees the events taking place around us, and He has a plan. Nothing takes Him by surprise! If you want to find comfort and security in life, then let the man who has the plan take control! Until you realize you can’t do anything yourself without God’s assistance, everything you do in life will be in vain. Patience always pays off. Always! Blessings! -SB

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