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Societal Influence

The church once influenced society, but unfortunately society is now influencing the church. As I drove by several churches on my journey to and from our church Bible study this evening, it occurred to me that church is no longer a priority to “Christians”. With significantly less people in the parking lots and the bustling of cars on the road, it is self-evident that a church setting is no longer deemed necessary. Attendance in Sunday morning worship is the best you will ever receive from many on the membership rolls. Frankly, the sad reality is that Sunday morning may be the only time some believers read the Bible.

I distinctly remember an occasion several years ago where I stood utterly appalled when a pastor shared with me that attendance always declined on the Sunday mornings that Alabama or Auburn had lost a football game the previous evening. Some individuals admitted to being “too depressed” to attend church the next morning due to “the big loss”. Well friend, I have news...BIG news. It certainly is a big loss when we lose a soul to the world or the “things of the flesh” to put it in the words of the Apostle Paul. And quite honestly, we ought to be too depressed to attend a ball game in the event of knowing that we failed to perform our responsibilities as Christians.

The Great Commission falls upon deaf ears in our society. We have the audacity to reap the benefits of church and Christianity while discarding thoughts or words regarding “sacrifice”, as Christ often taught. I love sports as much as anyone, but when ball team practices are being held on Wednesday nights and Sundays, I have issues. BIG issues. But slowly we have allowed the influence of the world lessen the church’s grip on the hammer of influence. Our duty is to reach the world for Christ. And if that means attending church so that the Lord can equip us to perform the ministry, the least we can do is attend.

Friend, don’t let the great commission quickly become the great omission in your life. Remember, we should be influencing the world rather than allowing the world to influence us in an ungodly manner.

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