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The Gospel Simply Stated

When Jesus was preparing to depart from His disciples, He provided them with the words found in John 14:6 - “I am the way, the truth, and the life”. He didn’t indicate that there would be multiple ways, nor did He imply that there would be multiple truths or multiple hopes. He firmly proclaimed that there was ONE. When Jesus said “truth”, He is implying “Gospel”. His implication is that Christ Himself is the Gospel by way of His death, burial, and resurrection.

Why as churches are we attempting to develop more ways to find our hope in eternal life? Why are we trying to create “new gospels” that are nothing more than a representation of our political world views which prove to be much more detrimental to the Kingdom of God than the issue in which they are trying to resolve? How tragic a failure it is when a Christian claims to be “woke”, yet they are so far into the trap of deception that they are actually quite asleep. The claim to be “woke” is nothing more than an arrogant statement of an individual’s “awareness” to issues in which they are ill-informed. We certainly do not need to be woke, but rather we need an awakening solely by the power of a life-changing Gospel. The only Gospel. The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Today, may we discover that there is only one way, one Gospel, and one hope of life after death. Our hope is found in the resurrection, and that, my friend, is the Gospel simply stated.

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