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Worthy of Worship

One of my favorite all-time choir specials is the song entitled “Worthy of Worship”. To hear tens of voices singing praise to a worthy Lord is a sound that cannot be justly matched. I’m still an advocate of choirs…to say choirs are outdated is a desperate cry for “modernization” without consideration. Some of the greatest worship I have ever experienced came from a full choir and their melodic praise to a praise-worthy God. For the choir to sing “Worthy of Worship” is such a fitting form of doxology.

The chorus reads:
“You are worthy, Father, Creator. You are worthy, Savior, Sustainer. You are worthy, worthy and wonderful; Worthy of worship and praise.”

The simplicity of its writing truly adds to the significance of its message. Our impulsive human behavior attempts to complicate Christianity with liturgical jargon and hollow rituals. I’m not declaring these things and their counterparts to be of a total waste or insignificant, but I am simply implying the basic truth that if we would separate ourselves from the “machine ministry” of our Christian life and hone in on the wonderful subject of our Lord’s worth, we would discover to a greater depth our own worth as a God-called servant.

The message proclaimed within this hymn often leaves me reflecting on the Lord’s provision, protection, and path that He has so graciously bestowed upon me during these past few short years of service to Him. How undeserving I am of such mercy, yet His grace extends farther than the carnal nature of man could ever comprehend. It doesn’t take a Greek and Hebrew language scholar, a 50-year theologian, or a distinguished pastor who’s doctoral degrees precede his name, to realize the wondrous story of the Lord’s wondrous worth. The marvelous creator of the universe desires to have a personal fatherly relationship with His children. Jesus Christ was sent into the world to save the world, and this was accomplished by the display of events which transpired upon the hill of Mt. Calvary. Our Lord provides us with strength in times of weakness, assurance in times of doubt, joy in seasons of sorrow, comfort in times of consideration, and love in times of loss. I often fail, but He often fixes. I often hurt, but He often helps. I often slip, but He often sustains.

Friend, how worthy our wonderful Lord is of our praise. To bicker and fight in times of which we are supposed to praise is an insult to the worth of our Lord. He deserves our praise and nothing less. Oh how he loves you and me. He gave His life…what more could He give? The least we could give is our praise!

How I praise our great Lord that He gave individuals the ability to present their gifts and talents through harmonious choirs throughout the ages. Each note and phrase have blessed my heart as I’ve sat in awe at the many choirs which I’ve been privileged to hear. Although an unpopular and aged opinion, I am quite thankful for the churches that have been slow to remove the choir from Sunday worship. If they’ve blessed anyone, they’ve blessed me.

I love all styles of worship, and I have many brothers and sisters who will have different tastes than myself. I am in no way narrow-minded as to my belief in church worship. If it is true worship from the heart, I can support it. But what I do have complications with is the motive of the change. Are you changing because “that’s what everyone else is doing to boost attendance”, or are you changing because of a true desire to worship our Lord in a newfound way, to reach others for Christ, and to see lives transformed by the power of the Gospel.

How I long for the days of worship rather than conformity to popular opinion. To be honest, I could care less what you our your church thinks about me. I’d rather be known as a praising preacher than a conforming Christian at any time. To sit in His presence is satisfactory for me, and I wouldn’t take anything less. If I have to rip out choirs, ensembles, and chairs to reach lousy Christians, they can go somewhere else. I’m about praise and the Gospel…because they alone are enough to convict and comfort, save and sustain. How worthy do you deem our Lord? I’d deem Him quite worthy!

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