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Guiding Ministry Principles

Spencer Bell Ministries


The messages I preach will be those which the Lord impresses upon my heart, convicts my spirit, and assures me of its appropriate setting. All messages will derive themselves primarily from the authoritative Word of God and will always uphold God’s Word in a positive and holy light. As is the case of most evangelists, these messages will likely be repeated, but never will they lose the emphasis or authority of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I will not brow beat or degrade the congregation in any way, but rather allow the Holy Spirit to convict and encourage the hearts of the congregation in the method He sees fit.


Each time I preach, an invitation will always be extended to whomever wishes to come. In no way will the invitation be forced or emotionally manipulative, but rather making room for God’s Spirit to stir in the hearts of those experiencing conviction. Whether the decision be concerning salvation, joining the church, or another decision, the invitation will be extended clearly, concisely, and courteously.

My Visit

Pastor, I am coming to your church as your guest. Therefore, it is my desire to help you or your congregation in any area which might assist in the meeting. I give myself to your service.


Under no circumstances will the offering be promoted or manipulated by me, or anyone associated with our ministry. I do not require funds to accept an invitation, but the sincere pastor who invites and uses an itinerant evangelist will recognize the necessities of this calling and will lead the church to present a worthy offering. If the Lord has impressed upon your heart to extend an invitation to me, then I believe He will also speak to your heart about what I need to continue this ministry.


Pastor, it is my sincere desire to help you as a pastor. One does not spend time in the pastorate without knowing the various joys and difficulties of this calling. Know that I support your ministry, will honor and exalt your ministry before the church, and in no way do I wish to harm you, your ministry, or your congregation during my visit with your church.


My target in any meeting I am invited to assist in is simple. My innermost desire is to see lost souls experience the transforming power of Jesus Christ, encourage and equip the current members of the body of Christ, and to proclaim the call of repentance, return, and restoration with God through renewal and revival. Know that my heart is concerned more about those in the congregation than of my personal ministry. In all meetings I target to exalt God and His Word in all ways.

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